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Plainview, New York Corporate Lawyers

Helping New York Businesses

Dynamic attorneys providing diverse clients with effective legal representation

Fredric H. Aaron Attorney at Law, P.C. in Plainview represents individuals and small businesses throughout Nassau County, Long Island and the five boroughs of New York City in matters involving corporate contracts, trademarks and intellectual property, and commercial litigation. Attorney Aaron employs a hands-on approach to each case and takes charge of the situation to lead clients to positive outcomes. Our capable firm focuses on corporate law. We have 23 years’ legal experience and work continually to forge effective legal strategies in dynamic business environments. Our practice provides cost-efficient legal representation to clients in diverse trades and industries. We approach your case with compassion and an open ear to ensure we understand and address your individual legal needs. Call our firm today to schedule a consultation and see how we can help you.

Multi-faceted law practice taking control of complex matters

At Fredric H. Aaron Attorney at Law, P.C., we fully engage with the complex and ever-changing contemporary business environment. We use the knowledge and skill derived from our 23 years of experience as we strive to develop effective legal tactics to help our clients move forward. Our law firm is:

  • Multi-faceted  We recognize that in modern business every day is different. We approach each new day with a positive attitude and take control of the dynamic complexities our clients face. We stay focused on action and results.
  • Diverse — We represent diverse clients in industries such as fashion, food, foreign language, journalism, arts and entertainment industries. We have a Japanese translator available upon request.
  • Efficient — At Fredric H. Aaron Attorney at Law, P.C., efficient representation is combined with compassion. We recognize that legal services can be costly and time-consuming and there is no room for error. We help our clients achieve their goals cost-effectively.

Skilled corporate law firm focusing on corporate contracts, intellectual property and commercial litigation

Knowledgeable corporate attorney Fredric H. Aaron focuses on the following practice areas:

  • Corporate Contracts — We offer legal services for corporate contracts, including drafting, review, revision, modification and enforcement.
  • Trademarks & Intellectual Property — Our trademark & intellectual property practice is experienced in protecting our clients’ ideas and preserving their financial value through copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets.
  • Commercial Litigation — We stay abreast of ever-changing trends in the commercial marketplace and guide our clients to success through effective commercial litigation practices.

Contact a New York law firm dedicated to corporate practice today.

Call Fredric H. Aaron Attorney at Law, P.C. in Plainview, New York at 516-802-4140 today to schedule a consultation, or contact us online.

If retained, we will apply your initial consultation fee to the retainer.